How to Christmas on a Budget

Many of us are asking about how to Christmas on a budget. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to feel some stress and anxiety about being able to afford Christmas. One answer to the question, how to Christmas on a budget, may be to create your own personalized holiday layaway.

What is layaway? Layaway was developed by retailers as a service to their customers who cannot afford to pay for pricier purchases all at once. Certain stores, like Kmart, allow you to make installments (partial payments) on something you have selected to purchase, either weekly or bi-weekly. The stores physically hold the item for you until your balance is zero. There is usually a small fee to utilize the layaway program.

Layaway is a great concept, one that can easily be applied to your families specific buying needs and holiday traditions.

Here’s How to Design your own Holiday Layaway

Start by buying items each month until the holidays. This way you can spread out how much you spend over time and not get hit with all your holiday expenses at once. Here’s a month by month list of suggested purchases:

June, July & August: Holiday gift wrap, bows, tags, tree decorations, and home décor. Check out Christmas in July sales, dollar stores and summer garage sales.

September: Non-family member adult gift purchases, like gifts for teachers, bosses, babysitters, etc.

October: Family member adult gifts.

November: Kids presents.

December: Any food items related items like baking pans, party platters, candies, holiday dinner ingredients, etc.

Of course, you can make up your own schedule, and buy each month what makes sense for you and your family. Think about any holiday parties, kids performances, and church events that you will attend, and make sure you note any special food items, or gifts that you will need. Don’t forget, if your holiday plans include traveling, try and factor in that expense.

How to Christmas on a budget means staying organized, buying ahead of time, and planning for success. These 3 frugality strategies will make the holidays not only more affordable, but much more enjoyable as well.

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