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Mystery Calling

It is fun to think about getting paid to shop, or eat out, but there is a lot more to mystery calling /shopping than just having fun. Let’s explore the ups and downs of working as a mystery shopper.

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Summer Jobs

Finding summer jobs used to be a fairly simple task. In a down economy, though, even jobs like car wash attendants can be hard to get. Learn how you can make money this summer!

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Which hobby is right for you? Here are 6 frugal hobbies that you can do in your spare time, that can either make you money, or help you save what you already have.

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Throwing a Frugal Wedding for Next to Nothing

Frugal wedding? Sometimes, less is truly more. In these hard times, saving a few bucks is a necessity. What's a bride-to-be to do when money is already stretched thin?

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Fishing with Kids

Looking for frugal family fun? Try fishing with kids. Here are some ideas to make fishing with kids fun.

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First Date

First date? Whether you're on a blind date with a friend of a co-worker, or you're meeting with a special connection you met on an online dating website, great first date ideas can assure you ...

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Have you ever tried camping? Haven't been camping since you were young? Here is a reminder of what you have been missing.

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Contribute to Frugality

Would you like to share your knowledge about frugality? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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What to Ask for this Christmas

Can't decide what to ask for this Christmas? Check out these 12 frugal gift ideas to see which ones you should add to this years Christmas Wish List.

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Christmas Gifts that can Save you Money

Four out of 10 consumers are worried about money or the economy this holiday season, according to a poll by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Count me in. What about you?

Here's an easy and helpful article that can save you money. Check out Bob Markovich's article on Yahoo Finance entitled "12 Low-Cost Ways to Save Energy — and Money — Now".

Think about adding some of these money saving items to your Christmas Wish List, like a low flow showerhead or weatherstripping. Granted, these are not typical items for a list, but these are presents that will gift you all year long with extra cash.

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Halloween Prices are Less Scary!

Many retailers are discounting Halloween merchandise now, (Kmart is 50% off) making it possible get those higher priced items for a lot less. Even if you don't need anything this year, you can still save big bucks. Here's the trick: select those Halloween pieces that are both versatile and timeless, items like wigs, capes and masks. Long hair wigs can be styled into many different styles, making them a useful component to a variety of costumes. Black capes work well for creepy vampires, but also for super hero's. One good quality scary mask will last a long time, and chances are that someone in your family will embrace their inner monster in the Halloween's to come.

Holiday Time and Money Saving Tip

There are many retailers this holiday season with layaway programs. Their goal is to encourage you to spend more money. Your goal is to stick to your budget. Here’s a tip to make layaway work to your advantage.

Remember when the XBOX 360 came out, or the Beanie Baby craze? I do. I rushed from store to store trying to find these “hot” toys. To avoid this hassle, try and identify which must-have items may be hard to find this year. These are the items you want to place now in a layaway program, and avoid any last minute stress.

Layaway does a nice job of offering flexible payment plans, making it a practical way to afford Christmas, and avoid credit card debt. Check out this CBS article which details 10 stores offering layaway this season.

Earn Money & Get out of Debt

Need some free help getting out of debt? How about earning some extra cash along the way? Check this out...A recent article details 6 new online debt busting tools to make getting out of debt easier.

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How to Coupon Starter Kit

Your question "How to coupon" is answered with this easy, affordable coupon starter kit. Perfect for all sized coupons, it is exactly what any couponer needs to stay organized. Buy your now!

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