Mystery Calling /Mystery Shopping

Is it Right for you?

It is fun to think about getting paid to shop, or eat out, but there is a lot more to mystery calling/shopping than just having fun. Let’s uncover the ups and downs of working as a mystery shopper.

Why hire Shoppers?

When businesses want to evaluate their customer service, they turn to mystery shopping companies. Shoppers go in, posing as customers, to see how the front line workers are doing. Not only do these shoppers get paid for their time, but sometimes they get extra perks as well. During the years that I was a mystery shopper I enjoyed many freebies, like free hotel stays, gourmet dinners and tickets to local events.

What does a Shopper do?

While these extras seem appealing it‘s important to know that mystery shopping is work. Once you have been assigned a shop, you will receive a scenario for the visit. Maybe you will pose as a new customer looking to buy a car, or you will have to purchase, and then return a clothing item. It’s different every time.

Along with the scenario, you receive a set of instructions ahead of time, stating all the detailed information you will be responsible for providing. Every shop comes with different details to notice. For example, when I shopped a local pizza place, I had to notice and record 25 details in my report, things like, how many pizza pans were stacked by the ovens, the exact greeting I received when I entered the shop, and how many minutes until our special order was delivered.

How do I get Started?

If being observant comes naturally to you, mystery calling/shopping is a great way to earn some extras. Sadly, I must note that there are many scams out there regarding mystery calling/shopping so please don‘t pay anyone upfront to work as a mystery shopper.

Here are 4 companies that I know to be reputable to help you get started:

1. a-closer-look

2. market



After you have completed some shops, you may qualify for higher paying assignments, so patience is key. By doing a great job, you will be asked to shop again and again. While mystery shopping probably won’t make enough money to be a full-time gig, it can be a fun, frugal, and profitable second job. Good luck!

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