Ways to Make More Money

Tough Summer Job Market? Create a Job for Yourself

Finding a summer job used to be a fairly simple task. In a down economy, though, even jobs like car wash attendants can be hard to get. Learn how you can make money this summer.

Mystery Shopping It is fun to think about getting paid to shop, or eat out, but there is a lot more to mystery shopping than just having fun. Check out this article and learn how to earn money working as a mystery shopping. From avoiding scams, to identifying which mystery shopping companies are reputable, let’s explore the ups and downs of working undercover.

Which Money Saving Hobby is Right for You? Hobbies can be both fun and relaxing, but did you know that they can be profitable as well? It’s true. Here are 6 frugal hobbies that you can do in your spare time (as a second job!), that can either make you money, or help you save what you already have.

Combining coupons with sales, using frugal kitchen tools, and food shopping with a prepared list are just a some of the ways you can save more money on groceries. Check it out!

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