Saving Money on Electric and other Utility Bills

Lint can Save you Money

Want to know how lint can save you money? Check out this article on how something as simple as dryer lint can not only save your budget but also your dryer.

Don't Blow Money Away - Saving Money on Air Conditioning Do you want to be saving money on electric this summer? This article shares money saving tips on how you can reduce your energy spending.

Home Help Lesson #1 - Ways to Protect your Home from Water Damage They may be small, but if the water supply hoses on your washing machine burst, your home can be subjected to considerable water damage, costing thousands of dollars to repair. There are ways to combat this water damage disaster. Let’s talk about the four steps you can take, to prevent this from happening to you and your family.

House Shopping? Learn 4 Ways to Spot a Home that can Save Money on Utilities Some homes will save you more money over others because they cost less to heat and cool. Do you know how to spot them? You will with our list, a digital camera, and a notepad to take good notes. Here’s our list of 4 tips that will point you towards a home where you can be saving money on utilities.

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