Saving Money on Holidays

12 Gift Ideas Aimed at Saving Money

Can't decide what to ask for this Christmas? Check out these 12 frugal gift ideas to see which ones you should add to this years Christmas Wish List.

12 Practical Money Saving Tips for the Holiday Season The holidays are fast approaching and along with the colder weather, comes the opportunity to plan ahead and stay on budget. Check out my top 12 practical money saving tips and see how many you should start doing right now.

Homemade Gifts you'll be Proud to Give! Need to give a great gift? Everyone likes to give wonderful homemade gifts however it’s not always easy to find the perfect present at an affordable price.

How to Christmas on a Budget With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to feel some stress and anxiety about being able to afford Christmas. How can you enjoy everything Christmas has to offer, and not go broke in the process? This article can help make the holidays easier!

9 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping Success Consider your local thrift store this holiday season. Thrift store shopping sales figures are up. That’s no surprise. What is surprising is how much thrift shops have improved, making a thrift store shopping experience not that much different that a retail shopping one. Thrift shops have fitting rooms, sale days, designer clothing and return policies just like any other store. The biggest difference - the price.

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Frugality is a learned skill that takes time and practice to master. Allow yourself both. No one becomes a expert overnight. Subscribe to my saving money blog for more tips.

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