Homemade Gifts you’ll be Proud to Give!

Who doesn't love to give wonderful homemade gifts however it’s not always easy to find the perfect present to make. One thoughtful, easy to make gift idea is a personalized coupon book. There are several varieties of coupons books, making these homemade gifts perfect for everyone.

Coupon Books for Kids

Every year I create a coupon book for my each of my kids. It doesn’t cost me anything, and they love getting them. Inside each booklet are coupons good for one item or activity that they can use, just like the coupons adults use from the grocery store. What makes this special is that I include coupons for the many items I usually say no to.

For example, last year my nine year old daughter’s coupon book included:

1. Her very own two liter of soda of her choosing that she could drink anytime she wanted

2. 30 minutes of video gaming with her teenage brother

3. Family game night where she chooses the night, what we play, who goes first and what snacks we eat

4. Get out of one chore free

5. Stay up 2 hours past bedtime.

To get started, keep a running list of the things your child asks for, that you usually have to turn down. Then, use those ideas to make up a customized coupon booklet specific to your child’s special requests.

Coupons Books for Adults

There are several coupon book ideas that would make great homemade gifts to give to an adult. If you wish to give a booklet full of pure romance, such as candle-lit dinners for two, an evening of dancing, a second honeymoon, hours of cuddling, and week-end getaways, then try these Romance Coupons. There are also I Love You Coupons and Coupons From The Heart books, which contain thoughtful coupons to remind your significant other that you care.

For adults where there is no romantic connection, coupons could include offers to run errands, thank you notes, free dinner invitations, and suggested day trips to local events. The point is that you are offering to give your time, energy and attention to someone you care about, and that’s more valuable than any gift from the mall.

How to Make your own Coupon Book

The beauty of these homemade gifts is that you can create a very personalized gift that doesn't cost you much money. You can use this free frugal gift template for making your own coupon books, purchase ready-made coupons books, or design one entirely on your own at home on your computer.