Secrets to Planning a Family Fun Vacation

Planning a family fun filled vacation is different for everyone, because every family has their own individual definition of what is fun. The key ingredient to getting your moneys worth and having an amazing time together is to pay close attention to the details, in other words, define your families budget, likes and needs.

The task of deciding what vacation destination will meet everyone's needs, be affordable and still offer fun can seem overwhelming. No worries, here's an easy way to get started.

First, make a family must-haves list. You can do this with your entire family, or just by yourself. Think of all the things that your family enjoys or is looking forward to experiencing and write them down. If everyone loves to swim, write it down. Looking forward to exotic cuisine or lots of scheduled activities, write that down. Want to learn to scuba, make a note.

It is also important to note on your list any individual needs your family may have, like allergies or activities and equipment geared towards a specific age group. These needs must also be taken into consideration when planning fun for everyone. For example, traveling with toddlers is a lot different than traveling with teenagers. Work hard at developing a complete list as this will become an invaluable tool for you to use when you are narrowing down vacation destinations. The more time and thought you put into this before hand, the more family fun you will have later on.

Once your list is complete, the only other step is for you to compare your list with what each vacation destination offers, making sure that each vacation you are considering meets your families budget, likes and needs. Of course, because you have spent time preparing, this part of the process will be easier, since you now know exactly what specific information you need before you make your decision and book your family vacation.

Here are some examples of Things to Consider

1. If swimming is on your list, make sure that the depth of the kiddy pool is right for your little ones.

2. Are your kids fussy eaters? Preorder kids meals on the airplane or check out the resort menu before making the reservation.

3. If going out to dinner alone with your spouse is on your list, make sure the resort offers quality childcare with evening hours.

4. Allergic to cats? Don’t stay at a pet friendly hotel.

5. If you are traveling with a baby, don’t book a room by the noisy swimming pool or forget to ask about crib rental fees.

By thinking through and writing down which specific activities and routines are crucial to your family fun, you can plan a successful, stress-free vacation that doesn’t break the family fun budget. The more thought you put into your vacation before hand, the more enjoyable and rewarding your trip will be for everyone.

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