Let's Find Free Money in your Budget!

Many financial experts advise us to pay ourselves first, in order to save money. That sounds good in theory, but what if there is barely enough to pay the bills, yet alone free cash to put away for savings? What then? I believe there are many things you can do, to help yourself save some cash. Let’s talk about 3 ways to find some extra dollars in any budget.

How to Save on Food

The next time you have to food shop, make sure you are taking full advantage of the cash that can be saved at your grocery store. Use your grocery store sales flyer (or go online) to plan meals around any items that are buy-one-get-one-free, as these offer good value. Grab some free coupons from my site. You can combine the manufacturers coupons with store sale items to get the maximum savings (check your store's coupon policy before you go). Knowing how much you have saved is easy, as most grocery stores print your saving amount on the bottom of your receipt. Take what you have saved (free money) and put it away.

Get Paid for your Loyalty

Buyer reward programs are another way to save. Sign up for any loyalty/reward programs at stores you normally shop at. You can sign up online, or ask at the stores customer service counter. Most all of them are free. When you make a purchase, take what you have saved and put this cash away. For example, this weekend I used my BestBuy Reward card to save $5.00 of my purchase. That’s $5.00 of free cash that I can add to my savings account.

Change your Habits

Once you get into this mindset, you will discover other easy ways to save. Eat at home, the next time you are tempted to dine out. How about watching TV instead of renting a movie. Start shopping at your local thrift stores, instead of at the mall. The dollars you would have spent, you can put away for savings.

Saving is not easy. For more help and penny pinching money ideas, subscribe to my frugality blog.