Saving Extra Money - It's all in your Head

Having trouble making ends meet? Does your stomach hurt when the bills come in? Do you know that you are spending more than you are earning? Times are tough, and many of us are struggling with money. Some of us just don’t have enough coming in, while others need help to learn how to better manage what they have. In this article we will explore three ways we can begin saving extra money immediately, just by adjusting the way we think.

You know the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, well that phrase does not apply when it comes to saving extra money, in fact, just the opposite is true. Living within our means is all about sweating the small stuff. It is turning off lights to save a little bit on our electric bill, and using coupons on everything we can, and combining our errands together to save some gas. Is there something that you can do today to save a little bit of extra money?. Sure there is. When pieced together, all those little bits of saving extra money add up to big numbers. If you concentrate today on just one area of spending and what actions you can take to reduce your spending, you will begin to feel better immediately. Knowing that the choices you made today will have an immediate, positive impact on your budget feels great. And if that’s not enough motivation, ask yourself what you would rather do, give your money to the electric company or save it up for your next beach vacation?

Along with sweating the small stuff, you have to stretch what you have. Extending the life and usefulness of what we have saves us money because we don’t have to go out and buy new - at least not yet. Gluing the soles on a pair of shoes to get just a little bit more time from them, or keeping that junky car just a few more months, or shopping with a grocery list prepared from the grocery store sales flyer to get the most food you can afford are all things we can do, just sometimes choose not to. As you go through your daily routine, think about the money that you will be spending today and make sure you are getting the most from it. Is it even necessary to spend that money? You worked hard for your dough, don’t give it away without a fight!

The last way to get started living a more financially balanced life is by applying creativity to how you spend your money. It’s easy to go and buy something new, but it’s also expensive. It takes thinking outside the box to come up with creative solutions that don’t require spending. One example would be what happened at my last garage sale. The morning of my sale, I realized I ran out of garage sale price stickers. I dug out my Christmas gift tags, cut off the to and from parts, and what was left was blank white space, perfect for writing down prices. The trick here is to stop and think, before you go rushing off to shop. Ask yourself, “Is there a way I can solve the problem by using what I already own, but in a new way?” You will be amazed with how many creative solutions there are to everyday problems, using things you already have. And if you think you are not the creative type, visit my money saving forums, for viewer inspired saving extra money tips.

Remember that you are in control of your money. You choose how to spend it. Make sure you are getting from it everything you deserve.

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