Don't Blow Money Away - Saving Money on Air Conditioning

Are you looking for a way to be saving money on air conditioning bills this summer? When people think about saving on their energy bill, they usually think about turning off the lights, or not leaving the refrigerator door open, but what they don't realize is that maintaining their air conditioning system is one of the easiest ways they can reduce their energy bill. With the summer heat here, a fine-tuned AC system working at maximum efficiency can be saving money on air conditioning.

There are two AC system tasks that many people can do themselves. First is to replace the air filter. This is one of the most important and easiest things that can be done each month. Check out the manufacturers guide for a detailed description of the type of air filter your system uses. Clogged air filters cost you money in two different ways. First, a clogged filter reduces air flow to the blower. That means your AC system has to run longer to move enough air to cool your home to the desired temperature. The longer your AC runs, the larger your energy bill.

The second way a clogged filter costs you money is that it allows dusty air to get inside the unit. What happens to this dusty air? The dust begins to build up on the blower. The blower works like a fan, with many "fan blades" pushing the air through the AC system and out through the vents. The dust build up reduces airflow which causes the AC system to run longer, which raises your electric bill. Another disadvantage is that if enough builds up, it can cause the blower to become unbalanced. This condition puts an extra load or force on the motor which drives the blower. The motor works harder to overcome this force. The harder the motor works, the more energy that's used. If the dust is not removed it can damage the motor. The motor must then be replaced which can be costly.

The second task is to make sure your AC system compressor on the outside of your home is clean. A compressor which is clogged with grass, dirt and other debris will run longer to cool your home, and we all know what that means!

Aside from the maintenance tasks you can do, it is a good idea to have your system serviced annually by a reputable heating and cooling contractor. Call around and get several quotes before selecting a contractor. When you properly maintain your AC system you get to enjoy both a comfortable home, and you can be saving money on air conditioning bills.

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