How to Save Money on Food? - Store Brands vs. Name Brands

How can you save money on food? The buzz lately has been about whether or not to buy store brand vs. name brand items at the grocery store. This makes sense since times are tough and everyone is looking for ways to save money. Most of us have seen store brands in our local grocery stores, but how many of us are buying a store brand regularly? A Consumer Reports shoppers' survey reveals 81 percent are reluctant to give up certain name-brand favorites. That’s too bad since Consumer Reports shopping guru Tod Marks says buying store brands can cut your grocery bills by an average of 30 percent.

If you would like to save money on food, here are my frugality tips for making store brands work for you.

1. Try it Once

In order to give store brands a fair shake, you must try them out. Make a point of trying out one store brand item each week. You may discover that you like the store brand soup, but not their cheese. Only after you have sampled each store brand product can you decide which items you will continue to buy, and which ones do not live up to your taste standards.

2. Disguise the Taste to Uncover Savings

Where I shop, I think there is a taste difference in the store brand soup vs. name brand soup. But, I also know that there is a price difference between the two, and I want to save money on food. My solution is to use store brand soup only when I am making a casserole, sauce or gravy. Since there are so many other ingredients in these dishes, the slight taste difference in the store brand soup is no longer detectable.

3. Stock up when on Sale

If you don’t like the store brand, but still want to enjoy paying less, pay attention to sales so that you can stock up on the name brand items you enjoy. I like name brand soda. To me, it tastes better than the store brands. When my stores have a buy one get one free on Diet Pepsi, I stock up. Not only do I get to enjoy my favorite drink, but I get it at a price that is LESS than the store brand soda.

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