Timing your Grocery Coupon Use for Max Savings

An important component to saving money is timing, and grocery coupons are no exception. When you want to purchase a new TV, you might want to time this expenditure with an after-Christmas sale. Need a new winter coat? Try hitting the racks when the spring clothes are coming out. The same holds true for coupons. Timing the use of your grocery coupons to coordinate with store sales, and using more than one coupon can save you the most money.

Timing use of mfg coupon with buy-one-get-one-free sale

For example, let’s say you need cereal and you have a $1.00 off mfg. coupon. Cereal is $4.29 a box. If you use your coupon, you get the box of cereal for $3.29. That’s pretty good, but what if you wait until that box of cereal is offered on a buy-one-get-one free sale and then use your coupon? Now you get two boxes of cereal for $3.29, or $1.65 per box. By combining the use of your coupon with a free offer, you saved $2.64 on each box, for a total savings of $5.28 for both boxes. Sounds like time to stock up on cereal to me!

Coupon stacking is another great way to save money. Stacking means that you are using 2 (or more) coupons for your purchase. In order to coupon stack, you need one store coupon and at least one mfg. coupon.

Combining mfg. coupon with store coupon

Another example: let's say Target has a printable store coupon on their site for $2.00 off on Head & Shoulders shampoo (reg. price $4.99). If you have a Proctor & Gamble $1.00 off mfg. coupon, you can use both coupons (stacking) and buy this shampoo for $1.99.

It's important to know which stores allow you to stack, so be sure and check out each stores policy before shopping.

Grocery coupons can save you money, but to save the most money, combine coupons wherever you can, and time their usage with store sales and two-for-one deals for the best results. And always keep your coupons in a coupon binder in your purse or car, because it’s so easy to leave them home sitting in a drawer.

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