20 Practical Money Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is here and along with the sunshine comes the unique opportunity to save money with these "hot" money saving tips. Check out my top 20 tips and see how many you can fit into your summer.

1. Make money from last years summer clothes - We all have them, clothes from last summer that we either don't like, or don't fit. Wash them, and take them to your local consignment shop to make some fast cash.

2. Buy new summer clothes at thrift stores or garage sales - Start with garage sales, they have the best money saving prices.

3. Hold a garage sale - Summer is a great time to clean out your closets and garage and hold a yard sale. Did you know that the average garage sale makes over $600?

4. Bring drinks and snacks out with you, wherever you go - Keep a cooler handy and grab it as you head out the door, especially if you travel with kids.

5. Wash your own car, or cut your own grass - Who doesn't need a little sunshine and exercise.

6. Look for free entertainment events on the web, and in the paper - As you spot entertainment ideas, keep them organized in one place in your home, so you always know where you can go for frugal fun.

7. Plan to visit attractions on discount days - Search the web to find attractions in your area with discounted admission days. Plan your events around this money saving schedule.

8. Get friends together for at home movie nights - The average night out at the movies can be pricey, but getting together with friends to watch a rental can be just as much fun, and more frugality friendly.

9. Use the library for free DVD's, magazines and computer software - Make a point to acquaint yourself with your local library. What you cannot find in the building, you can request online, and have waiting for you on your next visit.

10. Visit paperbackswap.com for free books to read on lazy summer days.

11. Grill often - Avoiding the oven keeps the house cooler and saves money on utility bills.

12. Keep the thermostat 1 degree higher than usual - Keeping the temperature just one degree higher can save money on utility bills by as much as 5%.

13. Use ceiling fans - Ceiling fans can make air feel up to 7 degrees cooler.

14. Explore your area parks - Make this summer a time when you discover what money saving fun can be found in area parks.

15. Drink ice water instead of soda - Not only is water healthier, but it costs less as well.

16. Try your hand at growing something - If you are not a green thumb, make it a point to try and grow one plant this summer. Tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow, and WalMart sells plenty of gardening kits to help you get started.

17. Think about holiday items at garage sales - Now is the time to find stocking stuffers, kids party dresses, and frugal gift ideas at great prices and tuck them away. In a few months, the stores will be loaded with holiday decorations, so think ahead about any upcoming gift giving needs.

18. Shop for winter items at summer garage sales - Summer is a great time to look for winter items. While everyone else is scouring garage sales for summer stuff, keep your eyes open for hat & gloves, boots, school stuff and coats. You can shop off-season even at garage sales.

19. Start watching air fares now - if you plan to travel this holiday season, start monitoring air fares, so you will know a great money saving price when it becomes available.

20. Replace your ac filter monthly and make sure the air compressor on the outside of your home is clean - Keeping your air conditioning system at peak performance saves money on utility bills.

That's 20 tips that answer the question, "How to Save Money this Summer".

How to Be Frugal

Frugality is a learned skill, that anyone can master. Give yourself time to absorb and apply what you learn. If you need more money saving help, check out my blog, and subscribe to my RSS feed. I'm here to help you save money!